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TriggerTech Diamond Trigger

The TriggerTech Diamond Trigger for Remington 700 style actions was designed to meet the demanding requirements of the country's leading competitive shooters. With an adjustable pull weight ranging from 4oz to 32oz and having truly zero creep, the TriggerTech Diamond has been described by some as the most consistent and crisp breaking trigger on the market today. 

The TriggerTech Diamond also features a new variable rate adjustment technology that quickly and confidently enables adjustment from <4oz - 32oz with TriggerTech's patented CLKR Technology. The adjustment feature uses an externally accessible set screw with adjustment ranges that begin at ~2oz/click from the 4oz to 9oz range and changes to ~1 oz from the 9oz to 32oz wieghts. Due to the exceptionally crisp break and short overtravel, several shooters report pull weights feeling significantly lighter than standard friction based triggers of the same measured weight. 




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