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The Siege (Brought to you by Anthem Crossfit and CORE Shooting Solutions)



Date: June 30, 2018
Location: Core Shooting Center, Baker, FL

The Siege is a General Physical Preparedness (GPP) two gun shooting competition presented by Core Shooting Solutions and Anthem CrossFit. Structured as an individual competition, The Siege aims to test one’s ability to perform various physical and shooting tasks simultaneously. Registration opens January 15, 2018.

Equipment Needed: AR15 style rifle/magazines (5.56mm/.223 Remington), Semi-automatic pistol/magazines (9mmcaliber minimum), and ammunition. Round count will be published approximately 1 month prior to match date. The match is an Outlaw style match, so any anything goes. Red dots and magnified optics are allowed. 



To qualify for the Pipehitters Division, the participant must be a former or current Special Operations Operator, Military Combat Arms, LEO(Swat), or a competitive shooter with extensive experience. In addition to this, the participant must be able to meet the requirements and movement standards listed below:

  • Safely and effectively conduct weapon reloads and transitions
  • Effectively engage targets out to 300 yards
  • Deadlift: 185lbs (Male) 125lbs (Female)
  • Perform Kettlebell Swings: 53lbs (Male) 35lbs (Female)
  • Run 800 meters
  • Perform Sled Pulls: 115lbs (Male) 75lbs (Female)
  • Carry a Sandbag: 75lb (Male) 50lb (Female)
  • Perform Burpees and Air Squats

-Trigger Pullers (Male/Female)

The Trigger Pullers Division is open to the general public. No Military, Law Enforcement, or competitive shooting experience is required. There are, however, a few general  requirements and movement standards listed below:

  • The ability to safely and comfortably operate a 5.56/.223 caliber AR15 style rifle and a semi-automatic pistol of 9mm caliber minimum.
  • The ability to safely and effectively clear a malfunction of either weapon system.
  • Deadlift: 135lbs (Male) 95lbs (Female)
  • Perform Kettlebell Swings: 35lb (Male) 25lbs (Female)
  • Run 800 Meters
  • Perform Sled Pulls: 95lbs (Male) 65lbs (Female)
  • Carry a Sandbag: 50lb (Male) 35lb (Female)
  • Perform Burpees and Air Squats





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