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Taran Tactical Innovations AR15 PMAG Extension


The Taran Tactical Innovations .223 PMAG base pad extension works on any 30 or 40 round AR15 PMAG. The Taran Tactical PMAG Extension will increase your 30 round PMAG capacity by 5 rounds and will add an additional 6 rounds to your 40 round PMAG. In addition to the extra capacity, the Taran Tactical PMAG Extension will also add some extra weight to your magazine which helps facilitate an empty mag to drop free for quicker and easier reloads. 

To install simply remove your magazine's stock bottom plate,  push down the PMAG Extension pin, slide the base pad on and push the pin up to lock the base pad onto the magazine. The one piece design is great because there are no extra parts or tools needed to attach the base pad to your magazine. The base pad itself is machined out of billet aluminum and is hard anodized to ensure durable long lasting color.


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