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Really Right Stuff TVC-33 SOAR Series Carbon Fiber Tripod

The Really Right Stuff TVC-33 Carbon Fiber Tripod is Really Right Stuff's standard-height Versa Series 3 tripod. Their Versa Series 3 tripods represent the pinnacle of design and performance in the tripod industry. Weighing in at only 4.3 pounds while being capable of supporting 50 pounds, a TVC-33 Versa Series 3 tripod combines the Really Right Stuff ideal of soul-satisfying feel and finish with best-in-class strength and resilience.

All features, materials, fit and finish in a Versa tripod meet and exceed the best in the world. Really Right Stuff painstakingly machines most components and assemble each tripod by hand. What they don't produce themselves is made in the United States down to the smallest screw. Versa Series 3 tripods are the perfect choice for full-sized firearm combos. They're built for rock solid support of full length rifle chassis, extreme spotting scopes, and large format surveillance equipment, but their incredibly light weight also makes them easy to carry and use with all gear.


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