Proof Research Carbon Fiber Bolt Action Barrel (.224)

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  • Proof Research Carbon Fiber Bolt Action Barrel (.224)

PROOF Research…Carbon fiber-wrapped barrel perfection. By combining their unique manufacturing process and advanced composite materials, Proof Research has taken traditional cut-rifled steel barrel performance and packed it into a light weight carbon fiber package. PROOF Research's match-grade carbon fiber barrels are not only stronger and lighter than the finest precision cut-rifled steel barrels, they are also every bit as accurate. So whether you’re looking for a barrel to build a light weight hunting rifle or a long-range precision tactical rifle, PROOF Research has you covered.


  • Up to 64% lighter than traditional steel barrels
  • Match-grade accuracy
  • Improved heat dissipation for cooler and longer lasting barrels
  • No point-of-impact shift during high-volume fire
  • Reduced harmonic barrel vibration
  • Unprecedented durability