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Primary Adaptive Solution Systems (PASS) Optimized Harris Bipod


The Primary Adaptive Solution Systems Optimized Bipod starts with the tried and true Harris BRM-S 6-9" Bipod, is stripped it down, and then rebuilt it into the ultimate competition and hunting bipod.

The addition of the Primary Adaptive System Solutions adapter sets allow you run any of the Atlas bipod feet, whether it be the metal spikes or the standard rubber feet. The P.A.S.S. clamp-on adapters enable the shooter to run a second set of the P.A.S.S. Carbon Fiber 18" Leg Extenders or any of the Atlas leg/feet accessories on the bipod, which allows the quick transition from a multitude of shooting positions and also provides a stable platform for high angle shots.

The Primary Adaptive Systems Optimized Harris Bipod includes a Harris BRM-S 6-9" bipod, P.A.S.S. Harris Bipod Adapters, Clamp-on leg adapters, KMW Pod-Loc, plus one set each of the Atlas standard rubber feet and Hawk Hill Atlas Bipod Talons.

*Where the Gen 2 Carbon Fiber Legs differ is that they no longer require the spring loaded detent on the feet/legs to be manually depressed for removal from the adapter. The Gen II adapters feature a keyed slot that allows the bipod feet/legs to be removed simply by twisting and pulling away from the bipod.


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