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The 2018 Practical Precision Rifle Challenge at Rockcastle Shooting Center

Shooter spots still available. Please contact r.castle.b4@gmail.com for more information.

Match Dates: September 22 & September 23, 2018
Location: Rockcaste Shooting Center
Range/Vendor Demo Day: Friday, September 21
Entry Fee: $375(Shared Room) $450(Single Room)


The PPRC is proud to announce a new match for 2018 run by match director Ryan Castle and Seth Dingle. This match will be held September 22nd and 23rd at the world class Rockcastle Shooting Center.

Please read the full match concept as this differs from most other matches. The intent of this match is to not only test marksmanship skills but also gear management, time management, and other practical skills.

Match Concept-
This match will be a true test of a shooters ability to engage targets at distance with a precision rifle in a practical setting. This match will differ from most others in that the shooter will not know all details about the stage before starting. Blind and Semi-Blind stages will be used. This will allow us to test the shooters full ability rather than just a scripted shooting response.

Stages will consist of at least one or possibly all of the following challenges:
1- Targets must be located by the shooter. A clear and defined left and right limit will be given but shooter must use target detection techniques to locate and engage targets.
2- Target range must be determined by the shooter. LRF, Miling, etc... the shooter will need to determine range on some stages. A LRF will be available at these stages in the event a shooter does not have one.
3- Gear management. Shooters must take all gear from start of each stage to the end. A separate holding area before and after the stage will ensure a fair atmosphere and all shooters complete the stages on equal terms.
4- Establishing non standard positions. Shooters are free to use all carried equipment to improve shooting position. Bags, packs, tripods, etc... if you carry it you can use it.
This is by no means a gear race. In fact quite the opposite, most shooters already have all gear needed for this match. The intent is to test the shooters ability to use this gear on the clock while they complete the stage.

Please note that due to the special format of this match, this match will be limited to 80 shooters. Ryan and Seth would love to have another 120+ shooter match but in order to ensure an awesome and fair event, have chosen to keep it to 100.

Your registration fee will include the following:
-Choice of shared or single occupancy room at the Park Mammoth Lodge
-Match Fee plus access to range and sponsor demo day on Friday. There will also be side matches for prizes that will take place.
-Sponsor swag and t-shirt
Like the LRSE your lodging is covered for check in on Friday and check out Sunday after the match concludes. Meals will be available for purchase on site at the lodge restaurant.

*Feel free to contact Ryan Castle with any match/lodging questions.




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