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Nosler RDF (Reduced Drag Factor) 6mm 105gr HPBT


The new Nosler RDF (Reduced Drag Factor) line of bullets was created for the serious marksman looking to squeeze the most performance from their precision rifle system. Designed from the ground up, Nosler’s RDF bullets possess an exceptionally high BC along with an optimized design that creates a “jump insensitive bullet” that makes handloading a breeze. In conjunction to a long, drag reducing boattail and incredibly sleek form factor, the Nosler RDF bullets have the most consistent and smallest meplats of any hollow point match bullet in production.


Caliber: 6mm (.243")
Weight: 105 Grains
Ballistic Coefficient: G1 (.571) G7 (.280)
Sectional Density: .254
OAL: 1.250"

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