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MK Machining Hinged Scope Levels


Looking for a premium scope level that is also easy to install? The MK Machining Hinged Scope Level features a hinge on one side, and can be installed on most rifles without removing your scope. Level vial hole and internal diameter are precisely reamed for a perfect fit. Only one bolt to tighten means no fiddling to get things perfect, simply get it level and torque to spec!


Hinged design allows for easy installation.  The two sections are held together with a low profile shoulder bolt, and the design is slim enough that the level can be installed on most rifles without taking the scope off, something most levels can't do.
Using a precision ground shoulder bolt rather than machining a post or other hinging mechanism reduces cost to the consumer.
The level vial is protected by a significant amount of 6061 aluminum, rather than being exposed as in most models.  Vials are a tight press fit in a precisely reamed bore instead of being glued in, which negates the possibility of them coming out under recoil.
Internal diameter on the level is reamed to the thousandth, for an exact fit.  The shape of the level's internal diameter is made to prevent pinching of the scope tube (notice the slight angle away from the scope near the bolt).



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