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Masterpiece Arms BA Hybrid Chassis (Remington 700 SA)

The Masterpiece Arms BA Hybrid chassis was designed by MPA to give the shooter a variety of different applications in which his/her rifle can be used through the use of this specially designed Chassis. In addition to the MPA Hybrid chassis only weighing in at 3.5 pounds, notable feature on the MPA Hybrid chassis is that it is configured to work with both left and right hand action configurations. 

For the shooter who wants to reap the many benefits this design offers for a hunting application, the MPA Hybrid chassis provides the reduced weight needed for usage in a variety of different hunting scenarios. Whether you're hunting from your local tree stand or blind, or hiking deep into the back country, the weight of this chassis will not be a limiting factor.

For the shooter wanting to use this for F-Class (FTR), which has a weight restriction on the overall weight of the rifle assembly, they can now focus on putting more weight in other area’s of the rifle to provide them their desired accuracy performance without being hamstrung due to the weight of the stock.

Tactical and PRS shooters can also utilize all the “game changing” technology that MPA included in this chassis. Many of the same features that have propelled the MPA Competition Chassis as the most used rifle chassis in the PRS are incorporated onto the Hybrid Chassis as well.  

Standard Features

  • Inlet for Remington 700 Short Action
  • Machined from 6061 Aluminum
  • V-Bedding System
  • MPA Buttstock with Adjustable Cheek Riser and Length of Pull
  • EVG Pistol Grip
  • Bag Rider
  • Lower Picatinny Rail
  • Multiple QD Sling Swivel Locations
  • User Located Side Rails (option)
  • Durable Cerakote Finish in a Variety of Colors
  • Unique Pocketing System reduces weight and increases structural integrity of the chassis
  • Adjustable Length of Pull 13.50-14.75″ (Shorter or Longer LOP available upon request)
  • Recoil Pad is adjustable for Height and Cant
  • Built in leveling system (inclinometer)
  • Machined Thumb Notch
  • Our Chassis take any AICS type magazines (Mag not included). 

This unique chassis system provides a super precision platform for the Remington 700 Short and Long (and all clones, such as Defiance Deviants, Curtis Custom, Stillers TAC, Surgeon 591, Mausingfield, Kelblys, Impact Precision, Big Horn and many others) , Savage and Howa Short or Long Actions, Tikka Short Action (T3), Badger M2013.


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