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Manners Elite Tactical T5A w/ Mini-Chassis


Engineered to exceed any type of abuse you can put it through, every Manners Stock is designed with one goal in mind...to be the most rugged, stabile, accurate, and ergonomic stock you can buy. Long story short, you can flat out depend on a Manners stock.


Stock Specifications

  • Inlet for a right hand Defiance Deviant Medium Action (Rem 700 SA Footprint)
  • Heavy Palma Barrel Inlet
  • MCS-DBM Gen 2 Mini Chassis.
  • 1" Pachmayer Decel Pad
  • Adjustable cheek piece.
  • The forend width is 2.5” and is wide enough to accept a 1.35” straight taper barrel.
  • 2 Flush Cups Left Hand Side, 1 Bipod Stud Front

The Elite Tactical Shell version uses a 100% carbon fiber shell. This was designed to save about half a pound as opposed to the standard shell. If you’re looking to save a couple of ounces due to weight restrictions or hiking up mountains, then the Elite Tactical shell is the way to go.


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