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Manners Elite Tactical PRS2 w/ MPA Rail

The Manners Elite Tactical PRS2 stock, the latest in the Manners tactical line of stocks, was created with input from some of the nations top shooters. Developed primarily for the Precision Rifle Series style of shooting, the Manners PRS line of stocks are designed to be one of the strongest stocks available. The design increases both the strength and stiffness to an already nearly indestructible stock. With the addition of the Masterpiece Arms Barricade Stop Rail, the Manners PRS stock combines the ergonomics and feel of a traditional stock with the modularity and adaptability of the Masterpiece Arms Competition Chassis.

Every Manners PRS2 features a flat bottom for shooting off of barricades and has a shallow forend tip. The butt section of the PRS2 has no hook, similar to the T2A or T6A.

Stock Specifications

  • Defiance Machine Deviant Tactical Medium Action Inlet (Rem 700 SA Footprint)
  • 100% Carbon Fiber Elite Shell
  • Carbon Fiber Lined Barrel Channel (M24/M40 Inlet)
  • Manners Composite Stocks/MPA Barricade Stop Rail
  • Stock weights 3.3lbs w/ Mini-Chassis
  • 1 bipod stud front/ 6 Flush Cups LH Side


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