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Manners EH1 for Remington 700 SA

The Manners EH1, weighing in right around 2 pounds, was designed for the long-range hunter.  The forend is 1.75” wide at the tip and rounded to a beaver tail that is flat and wide enough to accept a #8 barrel which is about 1.125″ diameter at the tip of the stock. The grip on the stock is more of a vertical tactical style, that is longer than standard with a small palm swell and overall smaller grip than say a MCS-T4 stock. 


Stock Specifications

  • Inlet for right hand Remington 700 Short Action.
  • Badger Ordnance M5 DBM Inlet.
  • 100% Carbon Fiber Elite Shell
  • Inlet for Remington Sendero/Varmit barrel profile. 
  • 1 bipod stud front and 2 flush cups on left hand side.
  • 1" Pachmayer Decel Pad
  • In our opinion, the flat out best "do it all" stock on the market.


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