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Manners T2A Elite Tactical with M5 DBM Inlet


Manners Composite Stocks is the industry leader when it comes to manufacturing super strong, stiff, light weight stocks. Manners Composite Stocks' line of products include tactical, hunting, and World Record holding competition stocks. Their stocks are designed with ruggedness, stability, accuracy, and ergonomics as the ultimate goals in mind. They achieve this with state of the art manufacturing process and space age materials. Built to exceed any type of abuse you can put it through, every Manners Stock is backed with a lifetime 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Stock Specifications

  • Inlet for a right hand Remington 700 Short Action.
  • Elite Tactical Shell (100% Carbon Fiber)
  • Heavy Palma Barrel Contour (Unless otherwise specified) 
  • Badger Ordnance M5 DBM Inlet.
  • Elite Tactical Shell weighs approximately 2.8 lbs.
  • Comes standard with a fixed 1” Pachmayer Decelerator Pad.
  • Adjustable cheek piece.
  • The overall length of the stock is 32 inches.
  • The forend width is 2.4” and is wide enough to accept a 1.35” straight taper barrel.
  • 1 Bipod Stud Front, 2 Flush Cups Left Hand Side



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