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**** SOLD OUT****Long Range Shooting Experience (LRSE) PRS Match, March 24-25, 2018



Match Dates: March 24-25, 2018
Mathch Location: Rockcastle Shooting Center

The Long Range Shooting Experience (LRSE) is proud to announce its 4th annual event. Last year’s event hosted over 100 of the top shooters and filled just hours after registration opened.

The LRSE is a Precision Rifle Series 2018 match that will be hosted at the awesome Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, Kentucky. This event is different for all others, rather than just a match this is an entire weekend experience. Your entry fee covers full hotel stay at the lodge and match fee. Rather than having to drive from the range to the hotel and then to dinner... just drop off your rifle at your room at the lodge an head down stairs to the restaurant and bar.


  • Practice Range / Sponsor Demo Day, Friday
  • Match, Saturday and Sunday
  • Hotel Room for 2 competitors (Check in early Friday, Check out after match on Sunday) An option will be available for those who do not wish to share a room. This will be an additional cost and in limited quantity.
  • Match Tee Shirt 
  • Prize Table, Supported by the best companies in the industry
  • More to Come!

This is a Precision Rifle Series Match; as such it qualifies for PRS points but is not limited to PRS shooters. All are welcome.

What Type of Match to Expect-

Expect to shoot a match that tests your ability to accurately engage targets out to extended distances. The match will feature stages consisting of various shooting positions and target types. This is designed to be a true test of a shooter and their equipment. Bring what you think you will need, equipment will not be limited. All stages will be able to be completed successfully with standard equipment; no extra equipment is necessary but is allowed.


For questions regarding the match, please contact Ryan Castle at  rcastle@coreshooting.com


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