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Fix It Sticks Full Kit w/ Deluxe Tactical Tailor Case


Fix It Sticks is a Manufacturer of the best range bag / field maintenance kits available. Featuring miniature torque limiters for tightening everything from your action screws to your scopes and rings to the proper specs, it's a must have piece of kit in your range bag and on your work bench. The 4" long 3/16" Ball End Hex Bit is perfect for those rear actions screws on chassis like the Masterpiece Arms BA and J Allen Enterprises JAE-700.

The Full Kit includes 1 Set of Fix It Sticks, 65, 45, 25, and 15 Inch lbs Torque Limiters, 16 Bits, 1/2" Socket & 1/4" Bit Adapter, and a 4" Long 3/16" Ball End Hex Bit all in a Tactical Tailor Deluxe Case.




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