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CORE "Rambo" Hoodie

We're not saying that this is the best hoodie ever… but we have it on good authority that “Rambo” would have worn this if it were available to him...Which we took as a raging endorsement!! Manufactured by the great veterans at Grunt Style comes the ultra-comfortable CORE "Rambo" Hoodie. #AllegedlyEndorsedByRambo #RamboTrainedAtCore

  • 50% Cotton 50% Polyester
  • Pouch Pocket to keep your trigger finger from getting frost bite. 
  • Hood comes with a drawstring that John Rambo himself would have used for any number of super secret tradecraft activities.

***DISCLAIMER***  We are talking early 1980's shooting down helicopters with grenade tipped arrows Rambo… Not that weak ass 2008 crap. 

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