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Advanced Reloading Course

SCOPE: Provide students the opportunity to learn advanced reloading techniques to get the best accuracy potential from their ammunition & rifle.


  • Proper FL die setup to increase accuracy & minimize trimming
  • Neck turning
  • Annealing
  • Bullet tipping and metplat trimming
  • Bearing surface separation instruction
  • Reloading Press tricks to minimize case run out
  • Solutions to eliminate bullet distortion when seating
  • Flash hole reaming
  • Primer pocket trimming (do’s and don’t)
  • Ladder testing
  • Powder selection for various calibers
  • Discussion on the importance of weight sorting brass
  • Tips on ordering custom dies and resizing reamer selection
  • Tips and tricks to eliminate inconsistent resistance when seating bullets
  • Discussion on the importance of “freebore” when ordering a reamer or having a custom rifle built.
  • Equipment selection and suggestions
  • All these topics and many more


PREREQUISITES:  All students attending should have a basic understanding of reloading. 

FORWARD: The course curriculum will be fast paced with a lot of information covered. Note taking is highly recommended and there will be a Q&A portion at the end of the class.



CLASS SIZE: The minimum amount of students for this course is five.

Hours shown do not reflect required daily maintenance, transportation to and from training areas, breaks for meals, etc.

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