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CORE Long Range Challenge September 8, 2018


Date: September 8, 2018

Place: CORE Shooting Center- Baker, FL

**This is a PRS Club Series Match**

This CORE one day competition will include a challenging course of fire planned to test the precision rifle shooter with stages emphasizing, accuracy, time, and gear management. Competitors can expect engagements from 200-1100 yards at an assortment of steel, reactive, and moving targets. Target sizes will vary in difficulty based on the shooters position, distance, props used and time allotted. Our one-day matches are designed to accommodate shooters of all abilities. A maximum of 80 rounds will be required to complete the course of fire and caliber is restricted to 300 WinMag and below. Muzzle velocity cannot exceed 3150 FPS.

There are 2 divisions, Bolt Gun and Gas Gun. Generally the course of fire will be the same for both divisions with small exceptions such as round count. Shooters will declare which division they will be shooting at sign in prior to the safety brief.

Sign in and zero range open at 7:30 AM CST. Safety brief and match brief will begin at 8:00 AM and the match will begin at 8:30 AM.


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