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CORE Precision Long Range Hunter Course (Q Creek Ranch, Wyoming)



The CORE Precision Long Range Hunter Course is an all-inclusive clinic being held at the beautiful Q Creek Land and Livestock Company in Shirley Basin Wyoming. Comprised of 847 square miles, the Q Creek Ranch offers more than enough terrain to challenge the precision marksman. An onsite lodge that offers amenities such as great food, wifi, and comfortable beds is also included and part of the course entry fee.

In an effort to retain adequate student to instructor ratio, the course will be exclusively limited to 10 hunters.Your instructors will be:
Scott Satterlee: Professional shooter and avid hunter 
Tad Anderson: Lead hunting guide at Q Creek Ranch and avid shooter.
Jon Pynch: Professional shooter and big game hunting guide.

The Precision Long Range Hunter Course will be 3 days of comprehensive curriculum, covering the basics through advanced topics.

Day 1 Topics

  • Rifle and gear set up
  • Zero confirmation
  • Data collection
  • Ballistic app set up
  • Ballistics
  • Wind

Day 2 Topics

  • Shooting sticks, tips and tactics
  • Tripod, tips and tactics
  • Alternate supported positions
  • Laser ranging and confirming
  • Moving targets, walking speed 3mph
  • Prairie dog hunting

Day 3 topics

  • Practical Application On Animal Shaped Steel Targets In Simulated Hunting Engagements. Steel targets are Elk, Sheep, Antelope, Wolf and Coyote shaped Steel targets with reactive lights to assist in indicating hits.
  • Hunters will be split up into 2 squads and taken by vehicle to numerous areas of engagement where the instructor will assist the hunter in using the knowledge learned from Days 1 & 2 to attempt to make 1st round "kill shots" from various distances in realistic hunting scenarios. This experience will allow the hunter to know and understand their limitations and enable them to execute clean and ethical shots.

Requirements for the course:

  • Rifle capable of 1moa accuracy or better in a suitable cartridge for the intended game animal
  • Scope with target style adjustable turrets
  • Bi-pod
  • Sling
  • Rear bag
  • Eye protection
  • Ear Protection
  • Kestrel weather meter or equivalent
  • Rianov Eagle or Kestrel 5700 with AB recommended
  • Laser Range finder capable of 1600 yards Binocular style recommended
  • 250 rounds of high quality ammunition.