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Domestic Defense Course


 The CORE Domestic Defense Course (CDDC) is designed to enhance and refine the Operators ability to decide when to use force during defense of home, property or loved ones and is crucial to force protection and reduction of collateral damage. We have included multiple force on force situational training Exercises that allow the operators a non-lethal low risk learning opportunity. The scenarios require the Operator to read their environment and choose to either walk away or escalate from combatives techniques to lethal force. All of the CDDC Tactical Training Protocols have been refined during force on force live fire exercises and are designed to minimize risk to the operator


PREREQUISITES: All students attending CDDC must have basic weapons handling skills, able to safely load and unload a weapon, and put it into operation effectively. Students who lack basic marksmanship skills are recommended to attend a CPB and CAP Course to insure their skills are adequate for CDDC. This is not a basic course; the drills conducted in this course are advanced and require a great deal of tactical competence.


Serviceable pistol

Minimum of 4 serviceable magazines

Minimum of 1 double magazine pouch

Eye and Ear protection

Serviceable holster (Kydex preferred. NO LEATHER HOLSTERS)

500 rounds of ammunition




Long pants and long sleeve shirt

CORE will provide SIMMS and PPE for Force on Force PEs

-Any equipment the individual cannot provide must be communicated to CORE prior to the beginning of training. CORE will fill the shortages on a case-by-case basis.

COURSE LENGTH: 2-3 days if the students have taken CORE Advanced Pistol they can proceed straight into the CQB portion of the course.

COURSE HOURS:   28 Hours

Key Course Topics

(Combat Marksmanship Tasks)

  • Overview of the pistol, uses, limitations, and safety
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Immediate and remedial action pistol
  • Draw stroke
  • Aimed quick fire
  • Rapid aimed fire
  • Thread identification
  • Multiple target indexing
  • Shooting while moving in all directions
  • Shooting while using cover
  • Turning

(CQB in Support of Domestic Defense)

  • Door Work
  • Entering the room
  • Clearing corners
  • Sectors of fire
  • 1 man single room & multi room
  • 2 man single room & multi room
  • Zoning your house
  • Use of cover
  • Alarm or startle event inside
  • Active shooter
  • House has been broken into scenario

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