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CORE "Cold Bore" Rambler


The most sophisticated fluid holding device for human consumption ever invented... by us. The "Cold Bore" 30oz and 20oz are the ideal holding container for any drinks that you want to keep (ICE cold or Steaming Hot) for an extended period time. The COLD BORE is comprised of a vacuum sealed double walled 18/8 Stainless Steel construction. Its paired with an anti microbial O-Ring style gasket acrylic lid that ensures a completely water tight seal. Unlike competitors, the COLD BORE is the very first fluid holding device that has ever been invented for the brutal conditions that we as shooters encounter while training and competing. 


  •  Wash before initial use. 
  •  Use only mild dish soap to clean - no bleach or abrasive cleaners. 
  •  Dishwasher safe. - Do not place in freezer. 
  •  For thorough cleaning, remove gasket from lid. Clean and dry before reinstalling. 


  • Do not place in microwave. Fire and personal injury can occur. 
  • Hot beverages will stay hot for several hours. Use caution to prevent burns.



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