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Advanced Precision Rifle Course

SCOPE: The CORE Advanced Precision Rifle Course covers rifle set up and torque specs, mechanics of the scope, fundamentals of marksmanship, rifle and scope manipulation, zeroing and confirmation of zero, gathering data, custom ballistic curves, creating dope cards for other locations, shooter spotter communication, wind reading, building positions using forward support (barricades), moving targets, loop hole, no line of sight shots, Stage Prep, mind set and timed stress events

PREREQUISITES: All students attending should have a durable rifle that is capable of 1MOA accuracy at 100 yards, scope with target turrets, bi-pod, rear bag, sling, 300 rounds of ammunition, binoculars or monocular(recommended), kestrel(recommended), ballistic app(recommended), and all necessary comfort items.

COURSE LENGTH: 2 day and 3 day course 

COURSE HOURS: 16 Hours/2 day, 24 Hours/3 day

Key Course Topics

  • Rifle setup and maintenance
  • Scope setup and maintenance
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Understanding Natural Point of Aim
  • Establishing and confirming rifle/scope zero
  • Shooter spotter communication and holds
  • Introduction to internal and external ballistics
  • Introduction to wind reading/estimation
  • Data gathering, data confirmation, and scope/reticle manipulation
  • Building a solid position with front support (barricades)
  • Loop hole mechanics (simplified lecture and live fire)
  • No target line of sight shot
  • Understanding and engaging moving targets
  • Mind set and stage prep
  • Skills Test (Timed Precision Rifle competition stage scenarios)

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