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Bush Monkey Knives "Fast Johnny"


Bush Monkey Knives is a one man operation that makes old skool tools from a piece of bar stock steel one at a time in Era, Texas. Jeff designs, shapes, heat treats, fits, finishes, assembles and inspects every knife that leaves my shop.  If you want an unpretentious tool, you have come to the right place.



  • 8.5" OAL
  • 4" Texas Bevel blade
  • 3/16" O1 tool steel.  
  •  Flared stainless steel tube connections
  • Textured G10 handle
  • Stamped with Crusade Cross


Bush Monkey Knives Design and Construction Principles

 1.   I never know what one of my knives may be called upon to do. Therefore and within reason, it is impossible for me to overbuild a knife.
2.  Knives are simple and pragmatic tools.  I only make knives with simple and pragmatic primary bevels to zero - no secondary bevels.  The working bevel is ~1/2 the angle of and has more steel than a secondary beveled blade.  
3.  I only use mechanical connections to attach the scales to full tang blades because bolts and flared tubes are stronger than pins and glue.  There is no substitute for a mechanical connection, period.  
4.  Every handle is bead blasted for increased friction.  I do not polish or smooth the handles of the tools I make because friction on a tool handle is a good thing.    
5.  The handle "flats" serve a purpose.  You should not have to look at a  knife in your hand to determine its orientation.  The flats help "index" the tool and  it takes more force to rotate a flat than a radius in your hand.  
6.  I flare the lanyard tube because it is a superior way to install a lanyard tube.  A flared tube is a mechanical connection - a small detail that should be the rule rather than the exception.
7.  Every element of every tool I make serves a utilitarian purpose.  If there is anything I can take away from any tool I make and still have a tool, please let me know.


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