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Bartlein Barrels is a manufacturer of precision cut-rifled barrels used for hunting, precision tactical shooting, and benchrest competition. They are owned and operated by shooters who have been involved in barrel making for many years. Bartlein's state-of-the-art cut rifling machines can hold uniform twist rates to the 4th decimal point…No that's not a mistake, we said the 4th decimal point! The uniformity in the barrels and finish in the bores is second to none. In our expert opinion, Bartlein barrels are simply one of the best barrels money can buy.

  • .236/.243 or .237/.243 Bore/Groove
  • 1:7.7" or 1:8" Twist
  • 27" Length (M24/M40 & GAP#6)
  • 31" Length (Medium & Heavy Palma)

Gap #6 - 1.250 inches for 3.5 inches, then finishes at .900" on a 27" barrel blank. (Very similar to a Heavy Palma.)

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