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Area 419 Hellfire Suppressor Mount

The Area 419 Hellfire Suppressor Mount allows you to use your compatible suppressor with the Area 419 Hellfire Self Timing Muzzle Brake System. By simply installing this mount into your suppressor, you are able to remove the Hellfire Muzzle Brake from the adapter and install the suppressor onto the Hellfire Universal Adapter.

Area419 recommends applying a small amount of blue Loc-Tite on the external threads of the Suppressor mount to semi-permanently affix the adapter to the suppressor. If not properly torqued and loc-tited into the suppressor, the adapter may possibly unscrew from the suppressor when attempting to install onto the barrel due to it now threading onto the universal adapter in a left hand fashion. 

  • Mounts Are Black Nitrided To Prevent Galling
  • Gen 2 Mounts Include Hellfire Wrench.


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