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Alex and Ryan Design Kydex Single Pistol Mag Carrier


Using these custom pistol Mag Carrier, comfortably carry your backup magazines.We understand how important it is to have those extra rounds on deck and these single KYDEX pistol mag carriers provide you with that peace of mind. These carriers are molded with increased durability and perfect retention needed for all applications. Made with the highest quality materials available, our KYDEX magazine carriers are built for hard use, standing up to the punishment of sponsored competition shooters and everyday users. ANR Desing offers the most popular selection of magazines available and rest assured these carriers are produced using the same methods as their KYDEX holsters insuring each carrier is tested and retested before leaving the shop. Each pistol mag carrier is custom made to order and handcrafted in the USA by a trusted brand.

Pistol Model: 17/19/22/23/26/27/34/35
Carry Side: Left/Rounds Facing Forward
Inside or Outside Waistband: Outside
Belt Loop Size: 1.75"



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