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2017 CORE Precision Rifle Team Match



Match Dates: Saturday December 2nd - Sunday December 3rd, 2017
Match Only Entry Fee: $500/team
Match + Open Range Day Fee:$600/team
Open Range Day: Friday December 1, 2017

 The 2017 CORE Team Match is a 2 day precision rifle match designed to test not only the practical field shooting of rifle and pistol, but also the activities supporting the practical application of said weapon platforms in a two-person team scenario. Two-person teams will be required to locate, recognize, and engage an assortment of targets from compromised shooting positions while communicating with both their partner and the RO, all while under the stage's time constraints. All gear required to complete the match COF must be carried throughout the duration of the competition.

Train Up/Range Day

Friday, December 1st, will be an Open Range Day. Shooters who choose to register for this day will be able to utilize the facility from 1000h to 1500h. During this time, shooters will be able to shoot and gather data from 100-1000 yards as well as shoot the moving targets. 


Calibers are limited to nothing larger than a 30cal projectile and a maximum velocity of 3200fps. 

Round count for the competition will be sent out as the match dates gets closer.

No equipment is off limits in this match, if you believe it could help you complete the course of fire you may bring it. 

Each shooter must carry a pistol in a retention holster. For the long gun, teams can choose the rifle combination of their choice. i.e. bolt gun/bolt gun, bolt gun/gasser, gasser/gasser 


Open Division - Rifle will not exceed a caliber of .30 or a velocity of 3200 fps.

Tactical Division - Rifles restricted to .308 Winchester and 5.56mm/.223 Remington calibers only. NATO/.223 Remington has a bullet weight cap of 77 grains and muzzle velocity cannot exceed 3,000 fps. 7.62 NATO/.308 Winchester has a bullet weight cap of 178 grains and muzzle velocity cannot exceed 2,800 fps.

***For a team to register in the Tactical Division, BOTH shooters must be shooting rifles chambered in either .308 Win or 5.56/223.***



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