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Shooting Ranges

1000 Yard Range

The 1000 Yard Range permits engagements of known distance steel targets from 200 to 940+ yards. At each yard line the range offers a one MOA circle steel target, a two MOA square steel target and an IPSC style steel target. Various real world props, urban shoot houses and obstacles are located in close proximity to the 1000 yard range to further develop the shooters’ abilities. Our covered tower permits up to 20 shooters to simultaneously train on the 1000 Yard Range during inclement weather.

1000 Yard Range Image

Mover Range

The 600 yard Movers Range has multiple steel targets from 200 to 615 yards and is highlighted by two 80 foot remotely controlled automated moving target systems. The moving targets may be engaged simultaneously from 10-600 yards and are located 200 yards apart from each other. Like the 1000 Yard Range the Movers Range also utilizes real world props, urban shoot houses, obstacles and is supported by the covered tower for bad weather.

Mover Range Image

835 Yard Range

The 835 Yard Unknown Distance Range contains a mix of static steel targets and six remotely controlled automatic resetting steel targets from 250 to 835 yards. The covered tower permits 20 shooters to train on the UKN Distance Range and allows training to continue during inclement weather.

835 Yard Range Image

300 Yard Paper Target Range

The 300 Yard Range provides distances from 10-300 yards and the engagement of paper and steel targets. Elevated firing lines at each 100 yard increment support over 30 shooters on the line at one time. The range is bench rest and high-power (reduced course) capable.

300 Yard Paper Target Range Image

Utility Ranges

Eight different Utility Ranges are used for scenario based training and contain props often seen in today’s current operating environments (vehicles, urban mock ups, hostages, etc). The Utility Ranges provide distances from 25 to 1000 yards. These ranges are in close proximity to our stalking lanes, range estimation and target detection areas. A 100 yard Rimfire Range is also available on the facility.

Utility Ranges

270 Degree Carbine Range

The 270 Degree 250+ Yard Pistol/Carbine Range is the newest addition to the CORE Facility. With a true 270 degree impact area the options are limitless for realistic training. Both paper and steel targets are available with numerous props, urban mock ups and relevant obstacles available for use.

270 Degree Carbine Range Image

Pistol/Carbine Bays

CORE offers four separate pistol/carbine bays and numerous different firing “lanes” to support pistol/carbine training and competitions. The first is a 320 degree, 50 yard pistol and carbine range and offers both steel and paper target engagements. The second is the 75 yard pistol/carbine bay. The third is a 100 yard wide by 75 yard deep pistol/carbine bay. Lastly a short 15 yard pistol range offers steel and paper target engagements. Modular barricades and relevant props are positioned through out each bay.

100 Yard Static Range

The 100 Yard Range permits static engagements of paper targets from 5 to 100 yards. The range offers oversized firing benches and pistol counters for added convenience. The 100 Yard Range is also covered for inclement weather.

100 Yard Static Range Image

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