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Scott Satterlee

Scott Satterlee is a 26 year Special Operations Veteran with multiple combat tours and proven leadership. He is currently the chief of Operations and head instructor for 1 st Special Forces Group Advanced Urban Combat Course and co-owner of Precision Tactical Solutions. Scott started competing in NRA Service Rifle in the early 1990s and continued to compete when possible in Small Bore and USPSA events through his military career.

When Precision Rifle started to become popular he found his niche. Scott has been very active in the Precision Rifle Sports for the last 6 years and has placed in the top 50 shooters nationally for the last 2 years with top 5 finishes in the Las Vegas PRS, New Mexico PRS, JC Steel PRS and Idaho PRS. Two runner up finishes at the Mammoth Sniper Challenge 2012-2013 and winning the Kettle Falls Team Steel challenge.

Scott is a very experienced instructor teaching at elite levels of college and elite warfighters. While at his ROTC assignment Scott revamped the small unit tactics portion of the Cadet training modernizing the POI and MOI. As the Operation Sergeant for 1 Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course, Scott modernized the SFAUC POI to focus the course on survivability and operational success.



Airborne, Jump Master, Marine Scout Swimmer, Ranger, Pathfinder, Air Assault, SERE C, Long Range Surveillance Leaders Course, SOTIC Level II, Honor Grad SFARTEATC, Special Forces Medical Segeants Course.


Bill Rogers Shooting School; Expert Pistol and Carbine, Bachelorette of Science in Management 3.76 GPA, Gryphon Group

Awards: BSM with V with bronze Oak leaf, MSMx3, JCOM, ARCOMx6, AAMx6 Humanitarian Service Medal, Gen Fredericks Award winner 2003

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