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Bryan Morgan

Bryan Morgan has been a veteran of competitive shooting in one discipline or another for the past 20 years. His most notable victory came very recently, a 1 st place overall points race finish in the 2014 Precision Rifle Series. He is a passionate shooter and always strives for perfection in everything he does. Morgan is a seasoned and highly experienced firearms instructor with expert marks in multiple disciplines ranging from pistol to precision rifle.

Morgan has owned and operated top shooting/training facilities for the last 5 years. His largest and most recent endeavor has been CORE Shooting Solutions LLC. CORE is a top level training facility, pro shop and event center located in Baker, FL. It’s a private facility where people come to perfect their shooting skills and where MIL/LE agencies come hone operational requirements.

Morgan continues to be a primary instructor for all MIl/LEO courses at the CORE Shooting Solutions facility and other off-site locations throughout the nation. On multiple occasions he has been selected to provide focused firearms instruction for specialized units throughout the military. Morgan also holds a recurring instructor/advisor role within local and county SWAT & LEO agencies. Morgan’s abilities and desire for advancing the sport and practical application of shooting has proven him to be one of the top instructors in the Country.



NRA Certified Pistol Instructor

NRA Certified Rifle Instructor

NRA RSO Instructor


2014 Precision Rifle Series Season Champion

2014 All Sports Association Athlete Award winner

1st Place 2014 Snipershide Cup

1st Place Lonestar Challenge

1st Place Woody's Precision Rifle Match

1st place PTAC 2gun Challenge

1st place finishes at the 2015 "Woody's PRS Match-SE regional qualifier"

1st place finish 2015 "SilencerCo Quiet Riot"

2nd Place Cross C Riflemans Roundup

2nd Place The Rifle Ranch PRS Match

2nd Place Precision Tactical PRS match

3rd Place Precision Multi Gun Match

*Multiple national level match wins, numerous top 5 finishes.

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