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2019 Accuracy International Long Range Classic


Match Dates: Saturday March 2nd - Sunday March 3rd 2019
Entry Fee: $250
Open Range Day: Friday March 1st, 2019

Range Day Fee: $50

This match will sell out very quickly please save the bookmark in your browser. 

CORE Shooting Solutions is proud to announce the 4th annual Accuracy International Long Range Classic. This competition promises to offer stage designs and concepts never before seen at CORE. The utilization of both man-made and natural obstacles are sure to test your speed and precision thru this demanding course of fire. Experienced shooters will be challenged and new shooters will find this to be a fair and enjoyable experience.

More than just another match, the Accuracy International Long Range Classic will be an event. After battling it out on the first day, we’d like you to stay and join us for a barbecue, bonfire and a live band to celebrate the recent renovations and expansion of our facility. Give yourself the opportunity to kick back and relax with both fellow shooters and industry representatives.

Train Up/Range Day

Friday, March 1th will be an Open Range Day. Shooters who choose to register for this day will be able to utilize the facility from 10am CST - 3pm CST. During this time, shooters will be able to shoot and gather data from 100-1000 yards as well as shoot the moving targets.


Calibers are limited to nothing larger than a 30cal projectile and a maximum velocity of 3150fps.

Round count for the competition will be approximately 200 per shooter, the exact count will be emailed to registered shooters as we get closer to the match.

No equipment is off limits in this match, if you believe it could help you complete the course of fire you may bring it. That said, no equipment other than standard gear will be necessary to successfully complete the COF.



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